IDScenter - Snort IDS configuration and management frontend





Description: IDScenter is a front-end for Snort intrusion detection systems (

Platform: WinNT/2K/XP
Version: 1.1 RC4

Author: U. Kistler


  • Snort 2.0, 1.9, 1.8 and 1.7 support
    o easy access to all settings
    o Interface listing using WinPCAP
    o inline configuration support (options in configuration file instead of command-line parameters, if available)
  • Snort service mode support
    o IDScenter takes over control of the Snort service
  • Snort configuration wizard
    o Variables
    o Preprocessor plugins
    o Output plugins (Syslog output plugin configuration for Snort 2.x and Snort 1.9.x supported!)
    o Rulesets
  • Online updates of IDS rules: IDScenter integrates a http client and starts an update script on demand
    o Full configuration frontend for Andreas Östlings Oinkmaster perl script
    o custom interval for update checks
  • Ruleset editor: supports all Snort 2.0 rule options
    o Easily modify your rules
    o Sort rules based on source IP, port, etc.
    o Import rules from files or websites into existant rulesets
  • HTML report from SQL backend
    o IDScenter can generate HTML output from your SQL database
    o Custom HTML template
    o Decoding of TCP Flags and more, Hex/Base 64 payload decoding, mutli-threaded DNS resolving possibility
  • Alert notification via e-mail, alarm sound or only visual notification
    o Threaded e-mail sending with custom send interval
    o SQL queries can be included in an AlertMail message, which are processed on demand (see above)
    o Possibilty to send the last # lines of your Snort log
    o Notification of attack is also possible with Snort logging to MySQL
    o Add attachments (e.x. the current process list generated by another program)
  • AutoBlock plugins: write your own plugins (DLL) for your firewall
    o ISS NetworkICE BlackICE Defender plugin included (possibility to block IP's, TCP and UDP ports, ICMP packets, set block duration)
    o Delphi framework included for fast writing new plugins for other firewalls
    o Test configuration feature: fast testing of your IDS configuration (Snort rule syntax checking etc.)
  • Monitoring:
    o Alert file monitoring (up to 10 files)
    o MySQL alert detection: allows centralized monitoring of all Snort sensors
  • Log rotation (compressed archiving of log files)
    o Backup your logfiles automatically, set log rotation period (day, week, month, interval)
  • Global event logging
    o Log events such AlertMail sending, Log rotation, Online updates, etc.
  • Integrated log viewer
    o Log file viewer
    o XML log file viewer
    o HTML/website viewer (support for ACID, SnortSnarf, HTML ouput generated using IDScenter's report template page etc.)
    o CVE search and WHOIS lookups
  • Program execution possible if an attack was detected


  • Snort 2.x (recommended)
  • WinPCAP 2.3 or higher




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